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Aug 28, 2019

Diego interviews Chef Wendy and Donny, the Founders of VCHOS Food Truck, an LA staple! Hear the story of how Wendy mastered the traditional cooking of Central America and brought the Salvadorian culture to the masses via her culinary gift. If you're in the LA area make sure to checkout their famous "PUPUSAS"...

Aug 22, 2019

Diego and Natalya interview Brooke Harris, founder of GoodMylk, a game-changing, industry disrupting plant-based milk product for the masses. When Brooke initially presented her idea to industry insiders and investors, it was met with skepticism on all fronts. Listen to Brooke's amazing story and how she's charging...

Aug 19, 2019

We share a bit about why we started this podcast and hope you all enjoy the journey and hear from some amazing people! Thank you to all of our friends, guests, supporters, and families for rooting for us. We're just getting started and will soon have our own storefront :)