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Aug 12, 2020

Today’s guests are Gloria Lu and Victoria Fu, co-founders of Chemist Confessions, the skincare brand that started as an attempt to break down the overly complicated and purposefully confusing world of beauty products. They were industry insiders working at L’Oréal, and they were fed up with the lack of transparency in how the Big Brands marketed to consumers. Since they’re both actually chemists (hence the name), when they tackled misconceptions and broke down the basics of healthy skincare, people listened. They were able to amass a passionate and loyal fanbase before eventually expanding into their own line of skincare products.

Listen in as we cover everything from what would happen if you only applied sunscreen to one half of your face consistently over ten years, the three most basic and essential skincare products, and—in accordance with one of their most popular hashtags—we decode that ingredient list.