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Nov 7, 2023

Combined with his passion for health and fitness, extensive knowledge of food science, and expertise in sports & exercise nutrition, Dr. Juan Salinas has created the perfect, all natural, guilt-free snack: P-nuff Crunch - healthy and nutritious, without sacrificing the “delicious”.
That path did not stop there. During his college years abroad, Dr. Juan developed a love for exercise and healthy eating, so much so that he changed his major from Engineering to Food Science. With over 20 boastful years of successful product development in several of the nation’s top food companies, he slowly grew disheartened by the food industry’s deception of the word, “healthy”. Although his well-known products graced the shelves of every grocery chain in the U.S., they lacked in what Dr. Juan truly believed in.


Today's show you'll learn:

🦈 How Dr. Juan landed a deal with Mark Cuban 

🦈 Why he decided to go shirtless on Shark Tank!

🦈 What’s on deck for the better for you-snacking-brand